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"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." -Henry David Thoreau

Sheridan's Message to his future child

Sheridan: Begin recording.

Today is my first night on Minbar. My--Our new home. Londo's visit got me thinking about the day my child comes of age. Now, on earth, that's 21. If Lorein's prediction holds, I only have 19 years left. I won't be there to see you come into your own, whoever you are -- whoever you will be. Not that either of those things matter, because sight unseen, I know that I will love you because you are my child and the child of the woman that I love more than life itself. I will give you that love as best I can, for as long as I'm here. The day like this, your 21st birthday, requires something more. So, I give you what little wisdom I have.

[Images of Delenn]:
Delenn is the greatest ally you will ever have. Her depths of courage and compassion are unmatched in my experience. Look to her for wisdom and fire in equal measure. And, if you ever have any doubt, talk to her. She will never judge you, she will only love you.

[Images of Michael Garabaldi]:
From time to time, you will make mistakes. They are inevetable. Sometimes those mistakes will be huge. What matters is that you learn from them. There's nothing wrong from falling down, as long as you end up just two inches taller when you pick yourself up off the floor.

[Images of the Steven Franklin (the doctor)]:
At times, you may end up far away from home. You may not be sure of where you belong anymore. But home is always there. Because home is not a place. It is wherever your passion takes you.

[Images of crew of B5]:
As you continue on your path, you will lose some friends, and gain new ones. A process is painful, but often necessary. They will change, and you will change because life is change.

[Images of Vir walking in B5 and G'Kar smiling]:
From time to time, they must find their own way, and that way may not be yours.

[Images of Londo Mollari]:
Enjoy them for what they are, and remember them for what they were.

Now, there's not much left, except, I believe, I really do believe, that sooner or later, no matter what happens, things do work out. Now, we have hard times, we suffer, we lose loved ones, the road is never easy. It was never meant to be easy. But in the long run, if you stay true to what you believe, things do work out.

Always be willing to fight for what you believe in. It doesn't matter if a 1000 people agree with you, or if one person agrees with you. It doesn't matter if you stand completely alone -- fight for what you believe.

[Delenn walks in but Sheridan doesn't see her]
Which brings me to the first piece of advice my dad ever gave me, and now I'm giving it to you. Never --

Delenn: Never start a fight, but always finsih it.

Sheridan: Always finish it.

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