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The Collimated Laser Beam

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Showing the laser beam. 20 second exposure on most pictures.

The bright spots in the laser beam are the result of dust in the air crossing the beam over time.


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Laser is supported by the clip. You can see Kosh sat up in the last few seconds of the exposure.
Looking at the emitting end of the laser. The laser is still supported by clips. The object to the left of the laser is a flashlight with a nice shadow cast on the wall. The TV is on and tuned to The Mummy Returns on USA.

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Laser beam hitting black construction paper. The black absorbs most of the light. Compare to the next picture.
Laser beam hitting reddish-pink construction paper. This paper does not absorb as much light as the black paper.

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View of the black construction paper target from above. My brilliant choice of shooting at an angle makes the picture uncropable without rotation.
blurry laser beam

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Five second exposure of handheld point at the wall. f/3.5
Five second exposure of handheld point at the wall. f/22.0

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