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"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." -Henry David Thoreau

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[DIR] Parent Directory [DIR] 2008_06_26_10001/ 10,001 miles on the car [DIR] 2008_06_10_post_surgery/ Cadbury went under the knife [DIR] 2008_06_05_kindle_on_train/ A Kindle. On Caltrain. [DIR] 2008_05_28_9900/ 9900 miles on the car [DIR] 2008_05_24_southpark_twitter_office/ Twitter and abandoned dog and Engine Yard offices [DIR] 2008_05_19_naked_chumby/ Looks more impressive without clothes [DIR] 2008_05_17_wherecamp_shdh25/ Googleplex and Sunmicrosystemsplex [DIR] 2008_05_14_sf_sunset/ Sunset from the upper level of a house on a hill. [DIR] 2008_05_12_where2.0_access_point/ It's an access point. Because the voices told me so. [DIR] 2008_05_05_9501/ 9501 miles on the car [DIR] 2008_04_19_purple_zone/ Oddly polite traffic sign [DIR] 2008_04_17_9002/ 9002 miles on the car [DIR] 2008_04_02_reptile_store_and_train/ Our ancestors and our currents [DIR] 2008_03_18_new_general_picture/ Still too creepy. Need bettter pose. [DIR] 2008_03_18_8400/ 8400 miles on the car [DIR] 2008_03_17_kosh_out_window/ Kosh wants in on the EXTERMINATE [DIR] 2008_03_11_killing_iphone_battery/ Warning: 100+ pictures with no pagnation [DIR] 2008_02_17_kosh_wants_cat/ Cat flavored dinner made from real cat! [DIR] 2008_02_14_invigorating_electrolytes/ Pithetic [DIR] 2008_02_07_bookstore/ Thank you, California [DIR] 2008_02_02_kosh_cold/ Remember to always bring a towel [DIR] 2008_01_27_rocky_kosh/ Rocky v. Kosh. Who will win? [DIR] 2008_01_21_books_plate_sleeping_dog/ Oddities in a booksotre and sleeping Kosh [DIR] 2008_01_18_rocky_inside_outside/ Rocky has perfected energy wasting [DIR] 2008_01_17_laguna_beach/ I won a surprise trip to Laguna Beach [DIR] 2008_01_07_puffy_dog/ First time meeting Rocky [DIR] 2008_01_07_new_room/ It's my room, I'll not redecorate if I want to. [DIR] 2008_01_03_texas_windmills/ Warning: 100+ pictures with no pagnation [DIR] 2008_01_01_hotel_room/ Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Meridian, Mississippi [DIR] 2007_12_30_last_morning_in_house/ Last time waking up in a structure I own [DIR] 2007_12_25_nursing_home_christmas/ Be happy! It's Christmas in a nursing home! [DIR] 2007_12_19_dark_pink/ The name of the cat is pink. The picture is dark. [DIR] 2007_12_18_4800/ 4800 miles on the car [DIR] 2007_12_11_chumby_unboxing/ Chumby Arrival [DIR] 2007_11_23_neighbors_tree/ Tree voyuerism [DIR] 2007_09_14_clouds_through_window/ Dark and colorful clouds through a window [DIR] 2007_08_28_house+moon/ Clean house pictures and moon shots [DIR] 2007_07_27_sky_through_window/ Sky through a window [DIR] 2007_06_26_birds+kosh/ Birds and Kosh (not together) [DIR] 2006_11_11_laser_dot_on_wall/ Laser on wall with long-ish exposures [DIR] 2006_11_11_laser_beam/ Laser beam shown with 20s exposures [DIR] 2006_11_10_omg_doggiez/ Neighbor's dogs [DIR] 2006_11_10_first_shots/ D200 with 18-200mm AF-S DX VR first shots [DIR] 2006_03_12_kosh+computers/ iMac, Dell, and Kosh. [DIR] 2004_06_12_new_kosh_naranek/ We are all Kosh [DIR] 2004_06_04_new_house/ Mah new house... [DIR] 2003_06_30_bad_sheeba/ Sheeba has been a baaaaaaad girl [DIR] 2003_06_26_cake/ Most of a birthday cake [DIR] 2003_06_24_metropolis/ Pictures of Atlanta from Metropolis rooftop [DIR] 2002_12_25_itunes_tv/ iTunes on the TV [DIR] 2002_12_19_billys_house/ See Billy's digs [DIR] 2002_12_18_crash/ Boom! Bang! Crash! [DIR] 2002_11_23_shoe_transponder/ Pictures of the RFID tag on my shoe :) [DIR] 2002_09_30_night_tests/ Dark night shots (watch out non-mac gamma!) [DIR] 2002_09_24_moon_shots/ Blurry non-tripod shots of the moon [DIR] 2002_09_18_me_tired/ Tired and black [DIR] 2002_09_17_the_hand/ The Hand! Oooooh! [DIR] 2002_09_12_my_eyes/ Pictures of Matt's eyes [DIR] 2002_09_12_me/ Oh, sweet vanity [DIR] 2002_09_11_first_shots/ E-10 test shots [DIR] 0000_strange_odds_and_ends/ [IMG] matt+sheba3.jpg She doesn't eat *that* much furniture.
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